What Gordon Ramsey is Teaching the Hotel Industry

What Hotel Owners can Learn from Gordon Ramsey

If you are a hotel manager in 2017 you likely have two guilty pleasures in life. The first will see you furtively scan through your competitors Tripadvisor reviews. The second will see you nurture a secretive addiction to television series such as Gordon Ramsay’s Hotel Hell – after all, who doesn’t like to see their competitors being taken to the cleaners?

Did you know, however, that Gordon Ramsay himself has been quietly revolutionizing the U.S. hospitality industry?

Gordon Ramsay’s Big Property Management System Plug

If you are a watcher of shows like Gordon Ramsay’s Hotel Hell, you won’t have missed how every hotelier’s worst nightmare has recently begun ending his shows by giving away free Hospitality Management System subscriptions to the hotels he works with. In fact, Gordon will often go to lengths to cite every possible benefit of the new hotel computer software as he fully understands that the assets of a running a truly efficient business cannot be over emphasized.

Why the Right Hotel System Matters more than ever in 2017

As technological advances continue to increase at breakneck speeds, Gordon Ramsay is really helping the hotels he works with by advocating the adoption of smarter Property Management Systems.

The reason for this is simple. Many smaller hospitality accommodation providers are still using standalone software programs to manage reservations and bookings which just don’t live up to the demands of the 21st century.

While early Property Management Systems were once perfect for meeting the needs of the average hotelier, the majority of hotel reservations today are made through a variety of online Booking Channels.

Regardless of whether you love or hate Booking.com and the like, what this means is that if your existing hotel system isn’t fully integrable with online Booking Channels such as these, you are years behind the times already. What’s worse is that double bookings arising from hoteliers having to manually manage allocations on different Channels is the leading cause of double bookings and lost overnight revenue in 2017.

Choose a Smarter PMS to Maximize your Overnight Revenue

Thankfully at Sirvoy, we know that full integration and smarter Property Management Systems are essential for the modern day hotel industry. This is why we’ve created a cost effective and easy to use cloud-based Property Management System which updates hotel availability in real time as bookings are made. Sirvoy is available in 20+ languages, giving you the opportunity to sell to a global audience. We don’t believe in set up fees or additional training costs; our support staff are there 24/7 to ensure you always have the help you need. Additionally Sirvoy’s own Channel Manager will help you avoid the pitfalls of double bookings which can lead to added expense and a lot of wasted time.

Check out the Infographic to see how a Property Management System like Sirvoy can become a indispensable tool for your business.